Why Our Body Twitch As Falling Asleep ?

Ngebray.com,- Why does your body twitch as you’re falling asleep? An estimated 60%-70% of Americans regularly experience a phenomenon known as a hypnic jerk. Hypnic jerks are the involuntary twitches or jolts which occur during the night. They are caused when one part of the brain tries to go to sleep more quickly than other parts of the brain.

Picture from thesleephub.com

Often, the brain tries to make sense of the sensation which is when people imagine themselves falling off the sidewalk a cliff or in a hole. People are more likely to suffer from them when they’re sleep deprived or anxious. Or when they do sleep-impairing habits before going to bed, like drinking caffeine.

There are ways to limit the effects, particularly by making a conscious effort to sleep better. Waking up at the same time every day and winding down before going to bed are two ways to help.