Why Do Slavery Still Exist

Ngebray.com,- Slavery may sound like a thing of the past. But there are actually more slaves in the world today than at the height of the transatlantic slave trade. There are an estimated 21 million people in slavery right now. But slavery is illegal in every country across the world.

Picture from crosswalk.com

So what is going on? The truth is slavery is happening right in front of our eyes. In industries such as construction, agriculture, fishing, domestic work and hospitality it’s particularly rife. It’s one of the world’s largest criminal industries earning exploiters around $150bn per year. It ranks just behind gun trafficking and drug smuggling.

Authorities often struggle to clamp down, and others are unwilling because they benefit economically. Modern-day slavery shows no signs of slowing, with only 9,000 convictions made globally last year.

Do you think you could spot victims of modern-day slavery. If you came face to face with them?