Welcome To Syria’s Ceasefire As New Year

Ngebray.com,- The russian ambassador arrives to seek the backing of the security council for the latest Syria ceasefire plan while there was not outright rejection from other members. They still had a number of questions to be answered. The New Zealand’s Ambassador to UN, Gerard Van Bohemen, said “We hope some changes made to text a little more helpful from those of us who got questions about the development. We need some more clarity about what the agreements provide. We want to know how this relates to the UN process.”

It just one of many moving parts in a bit not just to secure a truce but also to bring opposing parties to the negotiating table. The Syrian Foreign Ministers visiting Tehran for talks with his Iranian counterpart. Iran would be a crucial player in persuading Assad regime to sit down and talk to the opposition. For its part, the free syrian army was expressing reservations about whether the ceasefire would be observed insisting Assad soldiers were continuing offensive operations in defiance of the truce while civilians in West Aleppo say groups excluded from the ceasefire deal are ramping up their activities.

Truce Option (Ilustrated by wsj.com)

Truce Option (Illustrated by wsj.com)

A Citizen reported, “Islamic state cut the water in Aleppo. They cut the drinking water they deprived us from life and everyting. We do not have anything because of them.” In fact, temporary  would open up.

Men carry babies in the chaotic city (Pictre from bbc.com)

Men carry babies in the chaotic city (Picture from bbc.com)

Russia says its plan to bring together opposing parties in mid-january is not intended to replace UN efforts and it’s accepted amendments to the draft resolution emphasizing that this initiative is part of a wider UN push for political dialogue. And with these amendments all 15 members voted in favor the question now was whether wider UN backing will help cement what is a shaky truce on the ground.