The Decreasing Of Brains Perform As We Age,- A new study could explain why our brains perform worse as we age. Researcher studied the brains of 28 healthy people who had died suddenly of accidents. The people ranged in age from 14 years to 79 years old.

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Researchers looked at the number of brain cells in different parts of the brain. They found that older people made as many new neurons in the memory parts of the brain as younger ones do. But what is different in the aging brain is the reduced blood flow to nourish these cells? That means they are dividing less, and generating fewer new neurons in older brains than in younger ones. In other words, the pool of new brain cells is still there, but it’s not as active in older brains.

The findings suggest that it may be possible to combat some age-related cognitive decline if we are able to improve blood flow to the brain.