Spectacles 2.0 Has Been Released By Snapchat

Ngebray.com,- Snap is launching a new version of its Spectacles the sunglasses that can post video, and now stills, straight to Snapchat. It first launched its Spectacles in November 2016 and the excitement was enormous. But the hype soon died down and Snap was left with warehouses full of the things stuffed in boxes.


As well as new colours, the hardware has been given an upgrade with higher resolution camera, two microphones, water resistance, faster upload speeds. But it means the product is now $20 more expensive at $150.

Picture from tomsguide.com

Recently Snapchat redesigned its app to make it more user friendly. But it created a lot of anger among its users, including some celebrities. The new version of Spectacles will be available form 26 April.