Series Of Suicide Bombs Killed Dozen In Surabaya,- Twenty four hours after a series of bombings in Surabaya, there was an attack at a city’s police station. Security cameras showed two motorbikes were approaching the gates, then there’s an explosion. The five suicide bombers were all from the same family. They are eight-year-old daughter survived the attack.


On Sunday six members of another family attacked three churches in Surabaya. Police say the father took his wife and two young daughter aged nine and twelve to one of the churches. The couple’s two teenage sons blew themselves up at another church. Police said the family had joined ISIL in Syria and had traveled back to Indonesia in 2017.


Last week, inmates in the capital Jakarta killed five counterterrorism officers during a riot. The prisoners were suspected to be supporters of ISIL. Police believe the attacks in Surabaya, our reaction to what happened at the prison with instructions coming from the ISIL leadership. But these recent ones are being blamed on a group called Jamaah Anshorut Daulah (JAD) which for the first time has used young children on their suicide missions.

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