Rohingya’s Current Status In Drone Video,- There is no overstating the scale of the refugee crisis on the Bangladesh Burma border. These images were filmed just yesterday and they show the scale of the exodus that we were seeing already a month ago. It simply has not stopped.


The United Nations says 582,000 Rohingya refugees have now crossed the border from Burma’s Rakhine state into Bangladesh. They come as individuals, they come as families, the old, the young, women carrying newborn babies. They’ve often walked for days, they’re starving, they’re hungry and they’re terrified. If you speak to them, you will hear very consistent stories about organized house burnings, rapes, and mass murder carried out in a very consistent organized way by the Burmese military alongside civilian militia groups.

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The Burmese government has indicated that it is willing to let aid into Rakhine sometime in the near future. But the more refugees arrive the less it seems likely that this crisis is going to be resolved any time soon.