Protecting Computer From CCleaner Malware Hack,- Here’s what to know about the CCleaner malware hack. CCer is a software optimization tool designed to tidy up Windows PCs by removing extraneous software and browser data. The utility was just indicted by Piriform, the company that makes CCleaner, in a troubling blog post.

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A recent version of CCleaner (as well as the online version called CCleaner Cloud) was infiltrated by  hackers and weaponized with malware of the sort that harvests and transmits user data for nefarious purposes.

Are you at risk from malware? While the compromised software is believed to have been installed on 2.27 million machines these users are now believed to be safe because the threat was disarmed before it was able to do any harm.

Regardless, if you’re running any version of CCleaner, update to the latest version immediately.