Pakistan People Are Potentially Attacked by Arsenic Poisoning,- 50 million people in Pakistan are at risk for arsenic poisoning. This according to a new study just published in the journal Science advances. It’s from contaminated water in Pakistan’s Indus Valley. The director of the Council for research and Water Resources government organization says Pakistan is aware of the problem and because of lack of rules and regulations people have exploited the groundwater brutally.

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The study took a look at 1,200 groundwater pumps from 2013 to 2015. It determined some 88 million people live in high risk areas. Arsenic is naturally occurring and kills human cells. It can cause all kinds of issues. Things like skin lesions, organ damage, heart disease and cancer there is no cure for arsenic poisoning. Contaminated water appears to be a large problem for Pakistan.

Last year a survey was submitted to the country’s parliament that suggested 80% of water resources were contaminated with bacteria or other solutions. It was at levels unsafe to drink. The director of the government’s Council for research and Water Resources says the country’s problem is now urgent and they’re working with the UN Children’s Fund to provide cheap anti arsenic water filters to poor villagers.