Maduro’s Strategy to Reconcile Venezuela’s Tension,- Over the last several weeks, Venezuela has been roiled by political unrest. Protesters have been filling streets in response to moves by President Nicolas Maduro to strengthen his control over the country’s government. The unrest has been blamed for dozens of deaths.

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In recent days, Mr. Maduro has turned to social media releasing videos to show that he remains comfortably in charge. He said, “They want to practice terrorism. But Venezuela is creating peace. In Venezuela, there is peace, peace and it will continue. This is a miracle from God, a miracle that created us and protects us each day. This is a beauty. That’s why we have to harmonize, so that our flight is large and long, beautiful like the destiny of our fatherland.”. In another video he added, “Show the people the city. Wow, is that beautiful. Caracas, the cradle of liberators. Caracas in peace, Caracas the beautiful. Now we’re going to go watch a documentary they made, ‘Maduro: Indestructible Loyalty.’ Everyone’s invited. 8 p.m. 8 at night. Don’t you miss it on TV.”

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In one video, the unexpected happens. When Maduro drives by graffiti that reads: “Maduro, Murderer of Students.” Media experts say Mr. Maduro is imitating the reality-show-like media strategy of his mentor, Hugo Chavez, in an effort to gain a cult following. But for many Venezuelans, Mr. Maduro comes across as a tone-deaf, increasingly authoritarian leader out of touch with his compatriots. Monica Sucla, one of Caracas Resident said, “I’m here sitting, protesting the the dictatorship that we have. Because we want freedom, because we want a future for our children so that more families are not divided, separated and that Venezuela will return to being the same as before.

In contrast to the image Mr. Maduro presents in his videos, there is a push for his ouster amid a crumbling economy, and shortages that have many poor people scrounging through trash for food.

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