Madagascar Government Choose To Ward Off Deadly Plague,- A widespread outbreak of the plague has gripped Madagascar. The disease has killed at least 30 people, and 194 have been infected since August. There are two main forms of the plague : bubonic and pneumonic. Bubonic plague is spread by infected ras via flea bites. Pneumonic plague is transmitted person-to-person by the inhalation of infected respiratory droplets.

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Of the reported cases, nine people have died from the more common bubonic strain of plague. About two-thirds of cases have been attributed to the pneumonic plague, which has killed 21 people. In the U.S. there are an average of seven cases of the plague reported each year.

Plague remains a risk wherever infected animals live in close proximity to humans. The plague outbreak in Madagascar is particularly concerning because it has spread to urban areas. The Madagascar government has sent teams to spray schools and public spaces to ward off fleas and rodents. Treatment exists, and plague can be cured with antibiotics if diagnosed early.