Introduction to The Sun,-When you look up at the sky on a clear, dark night, you can see thousands of stars. When you look up at the sky during the day, the biggest, brightest object you will see is also a star. It is our sun. It is the closest star to the Earth.

The sun is the reason life can exist on Earth. It gives us heat, light and energy. Without the sun our planet would be a ball of ice, frozen to the core. The sun also holds our solar system together, because it creates the gravity that keeps Earth and the other planets spinning around it. Without this gravity, the planets would drift off into space.

(source :“Never look directly at the sun! That will damage your eyes.”

Here are some amazing facts about our sun :

  • The sun is a giant ball of burning gases, mostly hidrogen and helium. Deep inside the sun, the tiny atom that make up the gases smash into one another to create heat and light.
  • The planets in our solar system orbit around the sun.
  • The sun is 109 times bigger than Earth.
  • The sun’s average surface temperature is 5700 degree of celsius. Earth’s average is only 20 degree of celsius.
  • The sun is 150 million kilometres away from Earth. if you could drive a car from Earth to the sun, it would take you 151 years, at a speed of 112 kilometres per hour.
  • The sun is about 330.000 times heavier that Earth.