Inter-Korea’s Summit Makes A New History,- Kim Jong-un heads off for lunch after the first round of talks with South Korea. His limousine is surrounded by jogging security guards. The North Korean leader has described the summit as ‘a new history’.


The handshake the world had waited to see. North Korea’s Kim Jong-un crosses over into South Korea to greet President Moon Jae-in. In an unscripted moment, Moon Jae-in accepted an invitation to step into the North. Once inside the Peace House, Kim signed a guest book. His message reads : ‘A new history begins now – an era of peace’.


Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in plant a tree to symbolize peace. It’s a lasting reminder of the historic summit between the North and South Korean leaders. They also held watering cans filled with water from rivers in their respective nations. The leaders unveiled a commemorative stone reading: ‘We planted peace and prosperity’.


The summit embrace after committing to denuclearization across Korea. The North and South Korean leaders signed a joint declaration hailing a ‘new era of peace’.


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