Hurricane Harvey’s Rescue Seems To Be Difficult,- Hurricane Harvey heads for the coast of Texas on August 27th. It could be the fiercest storm to hit the U.S. in over a decade. With the potential for 125 miles an hour winds, 3 feet of rain, and 12 foot storm surges, forecasters have called Harvey a life threatening storm. Starting as a tropical depression, Harvey grew quickly into a Category 1 hurricane. Early Friday, the National Hurricane Center reported it had become a Category 2. It is now a major Category 3 hurricane.

There have been mandatory evacuations in Texas. All seven Texas counties on the coast have ordered mandatory evacuations for residents in low-lying areas. Officials warned those who stayed behind that no one could be guaranteed rescue. Matagorda County Sheriff, Skipper Osborne, said, “I am not gonna si in a boat down there after we ask you to leave. I’m not gonna put one of my deputy’s lives in the line to go down there and get you out. So you’re on your own.”

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People are preparing for the worst. Superstorm Sandy, which pummeled New York and New Jersey in 2012, was devastating without formally being called a major hurricane. In the hours leading up to the arrival of Hurricane Harvey, people boarded windows, cleared drains, and stockpiled supplies. Residents are bracing for a prolonged battering that could swamp dozens of counties across the region.

Landfall began on Friday along the coastline near Corpus Christi, Texas.