Hungarians Pull Out Anti-Soros Posters,- The graffiti reads because of these the word Jew is in insult. Anti-immigration posted in Hungary featuring the face of Jewish billionaire philanthropist, George Soros have sparked allegations now the Hungarian government says the six-week campaign which features Soros his smilling face and the words don’t let Soros have the last laugh will finish at the weekend.

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Prime Minister Victor Oban’s chief of staff denied the posters are anti-semitic. He said, “I think what makes a good billboard is that it draws attention to some danger. The danger is not George Soros himself but what he represents in the case of immigration. Our problem with George Soros is not that he is of Jewish origin. I categorically deny and refute this. The government has never ever had such intention or thought and never will have.The target of his unrelenting propaganda campaign”.

The right-wing Hungarian government has long been at odds with Soros who funds open democracy organizations and support more open immigration. Soros said early this week that the billboards are reminiscent of Europe’s darkest hours. Criticism as well from former UN chief Kofi Annan and Israel’s foreign amabassador who said the campaign shows hatred and fear. But the Israeli Foreign Ministry later issued a clarification contradicting their ambassador and saying that Soros was a legitimate target for criticism. That move appeared to be designed to align Israel more closely with Hungary ahead of a visit to Budapest by PM Benjamin Netanyahu next week.