How To Stay Dry When We Were Working,- Summertime can be tricky for those of us who don’t wear undershirts. A few minutes outside is enough to break a sweat, and a full on commute can leave us straight up NSFW, or at least not safe for meetings. Here are three tips to avod being that guy at work.

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  1. The Commuter Shirt

Look, there’s no shame in changing your commuter shirt when you arrive at the office. The trick, pack a shirt that doesn’t wrinkle. A light, cashmere blend crew neck is great for those of you subjected to overzealous air conditioning. If your workplace is more casual, try a modal poly blend. It’s more wrinkle resistant and more breathable than cotton.

  1. Loose Dark Linen

Option two, wear a shirt that reduces your chances of getting sweat stains to begin with. Linen has two helpful qualities. The weave is loose and breathable, and the cut is often relaxed, which keeps the fabric off your skin. And if you pick a dark color, any sweat that does appear will be a lot less noticeable. Only caveat, this option isn’t backpack friendly. You wanna keep the fabric loose, so carry a brief case instead.

  1. The Garment Shield

The final option is for those you willing to go the extra mile to avoid wearing an undershirt. Meet the Garment Shield. The Garment Shield is a small piece of fabric designed to protect your shirt from your skin. Just make sure the shirt is thick enough to support the shield. The only downside, they won’t protect your entire shirt, just the underarms. And that’s it, three ways to stay dry at the office this summer, no matter how hot it is.