How Iceland Treated Their Young Generations,- Teenagers in Iceland in the 80s and 90s were out of control. In 1998, 42% of 15-16 year olds said they’d got drunk. It was a huge problem. But now it’s only 5%. In 20 years Reykjavik went from being worst in Europe when it came to youth drinking, smoking and use of drugs to being the best. And that’s kind of incredible isn’t it. Here’s how they did it. There are 5 ways that Iceland created a teenage revolution.

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  1. Bring in a curfew

Kids under 16 must be indoors by 10PM. In some places parents patrol the streets.

  1. Parents sign a pledge

Groups of parents agree rules for their children’s behavior. Such as don’t let kids drink alcohol. And have more family time.

  1. Keep kids occupied

Every year they get a $500 voucher for after-school activities.

  1. Base it all on science

Teenagers fill in a survey every year. The youth in Iceland survey has been key to lowering teen substance use.

  1. Get the politicians onside

Reykjavik spends over $100m a year on youth activities

The youth in Iceland model now runs in 35 cities across Europe. At home it’s credited with bringing musical and sporting success.