Gigantic Alligator Shocked Tourists in Florida,- A gigantic gator was spotted walking around a wildlife preservation center in Lakeland, Florida., over the weekend. It’s a creature that almost looks to be from a different era in lakeland. The estimated 13 to 15 feet long gator even has a name and and it’s been around here for decades. A footage captured by a visitor at the Circle B Bar Reserve, shows the gator sauntering across an open pathway.

Christie Buckley was just wrapping up a morning hike with her husband shot, when the gator started to move. They were lying on the ground capturing these still pictures from the other angle and it just as big from that side to. She said, “My husband are calling in Godzilla because it kind of what it looked like going across the path. They never felt threatened and they were ready to jump to their feet if needed.”

Crossing so slowly, its feet flopping with every step and that tail dragging long behind. A tourist said, “It’s so prehistoric-looking. It’s amazing. The big humpback is what everybody’s calling it back a little bit higher up that normal. So check this out normally, because Circle B is a pretty quiet park. But not today everyone’s heard about that gator and actually making up their own parking spot , just to get a peek”. A woman said, “We live nearby and we come out here but we came out today because of this”.

The Trails on this protected sprawling piece of land is a hotspot for hikers of photographers because you never know you’ll find. Like in this case last spring.

Picture from

Picture from

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