First Freight Train From China To U.K.,- The first train from China to the U.K. arrived in the London suburb of Barking on Wednesday after an 18-day journey. Along the way it passed through seven countries – including Kazakhstan, Poland and France – carrying 88 containers loaded with household items ranging from clothes to suitcases. The freight train left the eastern Chinese city of Yiwu on Jan. 1 and traveled over 7,500 miles.

A campaign leader for better transport said, “It’s very exciting this is modern rail freight action international real free and we want more of this we want to get two more brake on our congestive road networks for example in the UK and across Europe and it’s much cleaner it’s also much safer than road freight”.

Chinese officials say hauling by train is 30 days quicker than going by sea and 80% cheaper than going by air. David Martein, a China-British Business Council said, “There is an increasing middle class in China of hunderds and hundreds of millions who are educated internationalized curious about advanced engineering products about innovative creative design and that’s something that the UK is particularly good at. This is a really really key time for the UK to succeed in China.”

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Trade between China and the EU amounts to about a billion dollars per day. The UK’s trade is 70 billion dollars a year. And that it imports 55 billion dollars worth. But this month heralds the start of the year of the rooster in the chinese horoscope. A year of progress and opportunities say believers certainly a hope for those batting for a UK looking beyond the confines of the European Union.