Exit Polls : Merkel Set To Hold German Election Again

Ngebray.com,- Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative alliance was set to win a fourth term in Germany’s general election on Sunday, according to exit polls. Ms Merkel’s center-right alliance between the CDU (Christian Democratic Union) and the CSU (Christian Social Union) is set to finish with 32.5% of the vote, according to exit polls.

Picture from metapolls.net

SPD leader, Martin Schulz conceded defeat after the exit poll gave the party 20% of the vote. The party’s worst result in post-war history. The SPD Deputy Leader ruled out forming a grand coalition with the CDU.

The exit poll also indicated a surging support for the right wing AfD party. Giving it 13.5%. A prediction at the upper end of recent opinion polls and a result that would make it the first party this far to the right to win seats in Germany’s parliament in more than half a century.

Ms Merkel must now assemble a ruling coalition. The CDU-CSU could form a coalition with the pro-business free democrats. Which was said to get 10.5% of the vote and the environmentalist Greens, predicted to get 9.5%.

The three way coalition is untested and will bring together three parties with little overlap, even if all three parties unofficially agree on a coalition, it could take months for a formal agreement to be completed.