Emmanuel Macron Dominates French Election

Ngebray.com,- French voters elected pro-European Union centerist Emmanuel Macron to be their next president on Sunday. The victory of 39-year-old political novice over far-right candidate Marine Le Pen gives shot in the arm to pro-EU establishment. Macron said, “After a long democratic confrontation, you’ve decided to grant me your confidence and I want to express my profound gratitude. It’s a great honour and it’s a great responsibility as nothing is written.”

Emmanuel Macron received 66.1% of the vote, beating far-right candidate Marine Le Pen, who took 33.9% of ballots. Ms. Le Pen conceded defeat soon after polls closed. She said, “The French have chosen a new President of the Republic and have voted for continuity. I called Mr. Macron to congratulate him for his election and because I have at heart the superior interests of the country. I wished him success in front of the massive challenges that France is facing.”

Picture from washingtonpost.com

The groundbreaking victory launches Mr. Macron’s push to overhaul the French economy and reverse a tide of nationalism sweeping the European Union. Mr. Macron has vowed to undertake contentious labor reforms in France as part of a move for greater economic convergence among the EU’s fractious member states. A 39-year-old former investment banker, Mr. Macron will be the youngest president in French history.