Designer Dog Trend Gets Criticism,- Celebrities have been blamed for popularising “designer dogs”. This is ‘not cool’ according to some peers. Indeed it is self-indulgent to be breeding with these genetic defects. People don’t always need a pedigree. They’re after a pet, which is for love and affection.

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A conservative peer House of Lords, Lord Black said that we need to look at introducing regulation now exists in some European countries to stop the torture breeding of these animals. Designer dogs are bred to exaggerate features such as flat faces. And unregulated breeding can cause crippling genetic defects. About a half to two thirds of these poor animals have severe breathing problems. And spend their lives struggling for air, often collapsing, often overheating.

The Scottish Fold cat has early onset crippling arthritis because of the genetic changes. Many of these animals have difficulty picking up food because the genetic modification means changes to their jaw. But sadly, these animals are becoming more and more popular because people think they’re cute. The Kennel Club introduced stringent new rules after public outcry. When a ‘deformed’ German Shepherd won Best in Breed at Crufts 2016. But the demand for designer dogs is boosting the black market for breeding.

A secretary of Kennel Club, Caroline Kisko said, “We’re certainly no pushing any blame away or saying that our breeders are innocent and they are all doing fabulously. But unfortunately the over popularity of these breeds means that there is an opportunity there for both puppy farmers. And unfortunately for dogs being brought in from eastern Europe, again with very poor welfare standards. The result of those is that they are bred any which way in order to make sure they fulfill a market with no worries about health.

Dog owners have been told to respect animals as they are. And not encourage “torture breeding”. So if you’re looking for a new pet, go to re-homing centres rather than online.