Countries With The Most Executions In 2017,- The number of people executed every year remains worryingly high. At least 993 executions in 23 countries were recorded by Amnesty International in 2017. Just four countries are responsible for 84% of recorded executions. This excludes China, where executions are believed to be in the thousands. It makes China the world’s top executioner. In 2017, global executions only fell by 4%.

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The death penalty has been abolished in most of Europe and the Americas. But there are notable exceptions. Amnesty’s report also shows large numbers are still being executed for drug offences. Something that is against international law.

In Iran and Saudi Arabia, 40% of executions were for drugs offences. Singapore hanged eight people in 2017, all for drugs offences. While steps to reduce the use of the death penalty were taken in several countries. The number of executing countries remained the same as in 2016.