China’s “Belt and Road” Trade Plan,- One Belt, One Road mania is gripping China. The clunky slogan refers to a trillion dollar plant to boost trade. It calls for roads, trains, and pipelines stretching from China to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. A revival of the old Silk Road. Chinese state media is giving the plan wall to wall coverage. Entrepreneurs have also jumped on board.

These days, there’s a toothbrush set, Road & Belt coffee, and hundreds of companies have been registered with similar names. President Xi Jinping, who launched the plan in 2013, has likened it to a symphony of economic cooperation. And naturally, there are a number of Belt and Road songs.


The state-owned China Daily newspaper has also released a series of videos called The Belt & Road Bedtime Stories. “Once upon a time, several routes led from China to central Asia to Europe. It was called Silk Road.”

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China has a tendency to latch onto slogans “China’s 13.5 year plan”. But for now everything else is secondary. One Belt, One Road is the buzz word of the day.