A Scene Of Star Wars The Last Jedi

Ngebray.com,- So this is the Battle of Crait, which is the big battle at the end of the movie. And here, we wanted to make these craft that they’re in, these ski speeders, as rickety as possible. Everything from the sound design to the way ILM animated them. You can just see everything is wobbling on these things, even having the open canopy so our heroes feel very exposed. You just want to feel like this is David versus Goliath even them falling apart, this little gag here, just feeling like, what are they doing? They’re in basically rolling lawnmowers going up against these massive tanks.

Bob Ducsay, our editor, cut together this little Star Wars-y montage, which I love so much. It just feels like our brave heroes going into battle. And then I love this moment with Kelly. It’s so relatable. It’s a big, heroic moment, but you see she’s scared. Then you see that she takes some strength and goes into battle. So this is all about geography, this big pan here, establishing very clearly the two lines of battle and establishing the door right there that’s the objective. And that’s why we do these camera moves that are very wide-angle lenses and very clearly show you the layout of everything, So that when we get into the battle here, when the fighters come and you see, once again, our heroes don’t have a chance, it’s like hawks versus mice, we can just go nuts and get into the fun of the red and the white.

Picture from medium.com

The red and white landscape, originally it was something I came up with because in a PG-13 Star Wars movie, your can’t really show the violence of a battle. You can’t show blood. And the idea of the landscape expressing that violence in a very bold, graphic way was something I thought could be interesting.