A New Invention Of Lean In Wheelchair

Ngebray.com,- This new wheelchair allows paraplegics to maneuver using upper-body movement rather than through breaking and pushing. Called the Rio Geo is been designed by a Royal College of Art Design graduate, Reto Togni. He said, “Conventional wheelchair as they’re basically work no different than shopping carts. They got casters that can rotate in every direction and then this is great for certain things. Not so great for others. So on this one can block these caster wheels in a straight position against this steering bar. But then is activated by the backrest.”

The backrest pivots left and right, according to which way the user wants to move. This makes the two small caster wheels travel in the same direction. Using the upper body to turn maintains the energy and movement of the chair and making steering easier. Togni added, “In terms of the mechanical system it’s a push-pull cable that is used and these papers are used in all kinds of industrial machines. It works like a brake cable on a bike except that it’s not only pulling but also pushing and that’s how the rotation of the backrest gets translated in a rotation.”

Picture from theengineer.co.uk

Users make the wheelchair change direction by leaning towards which way they want to travel a patents been filed for the design and Tanja is looking for investment partners to turn his prototype into a consumer model.