A Britanian Hacker Who Stops The Wannacry Arrested

Ngebray.com,- A British cybersecurity researcher who helped thwart the spread of a ransomware attack in May has been arrested for allegedly trying to steal bank account passwords. 23 year-old Marcus Hutchins was detained in Las Vegas on his way back to Britain from DEFCON, an annual gathering for hackers. He’s been charged with creating and distributing malware, known as the kronos banking Trojan.

Picture from standard.co.uk

The news comes as a surprise as Hutchins is credited with cracking the one a cry ransomware attack which held hospital records hostage. The banking malware Hudgens allegedly built infects browsers capturing usernames and passwords when a user visits a banking site. The charges State Hutchins is another person whose name has been redacted, conspired between July of 2014 and July of 2015 to sell the malware. But not everyone is convinced in Hutchins culpability suggesting the name of the redacted person may have framed Hutchins in exchange for a plea deal.